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Q. Can I use the NÉOLIA® Olive Oil Skin Care products on my children?
A. NÉOLIA® products are very gentle. However, as in the case of most products not specifically designed for infants, we do not recommend using the NÉOLIA® products on children less than one (1) year old.

Q. Does the NÉOLIA® Moisturizing Olive Oil Body Wash lather if used with a towel cloth?
A. For best results, use on a wet pouf and work into lather.

Q. Is antibacterial hand wash any better than non-antibacterial hand wash? Is your NÉOLIA® Moisturizing Olive Oil Hand Wash anti-bacterial?
A. We have chosen to formulate the NÉOLIA® Moisturizing Olive Oil Hand Wash as a non anti-bacterial hand wash. Since fall 2005, the FDA has announced that it is considering restricting the home use of "antibacterial soaps, which according to its panel of health experts, have not been proven to be any more effective than regular soap in preventing infections among the average consumers". According to an article written by the Associated Press "Panelists also said soaps that use synthetic chemicals - as do many products which claim to eliminate 99 percent of germs they encounter - could contribute to the growth of bacteria resistant to antibiotics."
Q. Are NÉOLIA® products hypo-allergenic?
A. We have carefully developed the NÉOLIA® Olive Oil Skin Care line to be gentle on the skin and hypo-allergenic to allow the majority of customers to enjoy our products.
Q. I have sensitive skin, is your NÉOLIA® Moisturizing Olive Oil Body Lotion Dermatologist tested?
A. Yes, the product has been clinically tested and is hypo-allergenic.
Q. Why is Olive Oil good for my skin?
A. Olive Oil contains nutrients and vitamins rich in antioxidants, which are known to reduce the deterioration of skin cells.
Q. Do the NÉOLIA® Olive Oil Skin and Hair Care products smell like Olive Oil?
A. The NÉOLIA® fragrances were developed by a European perfumer to smell fresh, clean and mild.
Q. Will my skin feel oily after use?
A. We have carefully formulated all the NÉOLIA® Olive Oil Skin Care products to leave your skin feeling soft without a greasy after-feel.